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  • Aromatherapy collection
  • Aromatherapy collection
  • Aromatherapy collection

The aromatherapy collection

This collection sums up who we are as a brand. Inspired by our best-selling retail products, each formulation in this collection features a different natural oil blend designed to deliver a unique aromatherapy benefit. Reflecting our modern, unisex look, this collection appeals to today’s worldly, design-conscious traveler. Soaps are packaged in recyclable unit cartons printed with soy-based inks, while the tubes and caps are both biodegradable and recyclable.

We’re your guests’ preferred wake up call.

The collection includes:

mint thyme hair wash

The essential oil blend of restorative mint and invigorating thyme deliver a truly refreshing experience. We add glycerin to this gentle, everyday shampoo to help attract moisture and to condition the hair, while shea butter protects and softens.

yuzu bergamot crème rinse

Essential oil of yuzu, a rare Japanese citrus fruit, is blended with bergamot, tangerine, grapefruit and others to create a purifying and uplifting scent. Suitable for all hair types, this conditioner contains olive oil, rich in moisturizing vitamin E, and panthenol to help reduce split ends and promote fuller hair.

bamboo lemongrass body wash

Lemongrass, geranium and cedar wood essential oils give our most popular body wash it’s clean and soothing scent. Bamboo extract is added for its antioxidant and skin-soothing properties, while rice germ extract conditions and nourishes. Never drying, skin is left clean and refreshed.

lavender lime moisturizer

Our unique blend of lavender and lime essential oils makes for a soothing lotion with a subtle citrus twist. With stressed skin in mind, we added calming chamomile extract and moisturizing shea butter to help protect and soften. The result is silky, fast-absorbing and never greasy.

  • essential oils
  • botanical extracts
  • shea butter
  • 100% vegan
  • sulfates & parabens
  • synthetic colors
  • phthalates
  • mineral oil

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