Positive. Creative. High Service.

The idea for LATHER came to Emilie Davidson Hoyt while she was living on the Pacific Coast Highway in sunny Santa Monica, CA. While great products are the foundation of the company, a commitment to exceptional service is really what makes us special. So no matter where the road takes us, we stick to our roots and apply what we call our P.C.H. Service to all of our interactions.


Always optimistic, we see solutions, not problems.

We meet all of our customers with a smile and constantly look for opportunities to elevate their experience. Internally, we encourage and recognize each other’s successes, and we do a pretty good job of having fun in the process.


If you can’t be the biggest, be the most creative.

From our use of unique ingredients (have you tried our baobab, mangosteen, konjac or chia lately?) and industry-first packaging advancements (the world’s first amenity collection featuring EcoPure), to our inspired custom concepts and resourceful problem solving, our creativity sets us apart and serves our partners well.

High Service

There is always an answer.

We do not say no. We anticipate and prepare for your needs. Those are the keys to giving service of the highest standard. You can expect to receive that level of service whether you’re a customer in one of our local boutiques or a global hospitality brand.

To stay ahead of the traffic, stick to the P.C.H.