Introducing our NEW Radiant Recovery Sheet Mask

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Introducing our NEW Radiant Recovery Sheet Mask

A NEW multitasking mask

Wake up to a barefaced glow with our NEW Radiant Recovery Sheet Mask.

Packed with nourishing botanicals, this moisturizing and balancing facial treatment is concentrated with skin soothing, smoothing and renewing ingredients to help fortify your skin’s health.

Prebiotics for a healthy microbiome

For the first time ever, our product development team is making use of alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, a unique, sugar-derived prebiotic. Prebiotics are essential to help feed the good bacteria that live on your skin and support a healthy microbiome. This invisible, topical eco-system needs healthy conditions to thrive. At its best, a balanced microbiome helps reduce the occurrence of skin stress (dryness, discomfort and redness) that can lead to signs of aging. The result of all of this? Radiant, supple, firm, glowing skin.

Natural ingredients that feel good

Our serum is made with nutrient-dense elements that work together to alleviate skin from redness, discomfort and stress, and make it look luminous.

Calming glycyrrhetinic acid helps skin restore suppleness and reduce flaking. Rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, floral camelina sativa seed oil softens the face and supports the barrier function with high levels of fatty acids. Coconut and sweet almond oils condition and protect skin. Sodium hyaluronate binds moisture for long lasting hydration, and chamomile extract provides soothing benefits.

Easy to use, comfortable to wear

Fragrance free and made with sustainably sourced, biodegradable fibers, this sheet mask is simple and comfortable to use. After cleansing your face, gently unfold the serum-drenched mask and peel away the mesh backing. Place the mask over your face, smoothing out any air pockets or wrinkles with your fingers. Sit back, scroll Instagram and peel off after 20 minutes of treatment. Gently massage the excess serum onto your face and neck, without using water to rinse off. Then, wake up in the morning to radiant skin. To fully maximize this product, you may also rub the excess serum from the mesh backing on your hands and other dry areas on your body.

From our community

"This mask is so luxurious and feels great on my skin. Felt great in the morning, too. I love it so much." -Serena C., LATHER Customer @serenajewel

"I'm already an avid fan of LATHER, but their Radiant Recovery Sheet Mask goes above and beyond. So hydrating - my skin soaked it right in!" -Jennifer P., LATHER Customer @travellikeaprince

"I’m completely in love with this mask. I don’t even need to wear a moisturizer after using it." -Fathia, LATHER Customer @fathia93

It’s for everyone and everywhere

Sold in packs of five, these sheet masks are compact in size, the perfect campion for road trips and staycations. Completely free of fragrance, sulfates, parabens, artificial color and mineral oil, this treatment is designed for all skin types.