NEW Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar

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NEW Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar

Time to raise the bar 

Meet our NEW coconut-oil derived Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar - sudsy concentration with big results! 

As a natural skincare and wellness company that prides itself on innovation, we are always evaluating and experimenting with new ingredients, formulas and packaging. In an attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and still maintain the highest level of performance and sensorial pleasure that is so unique to our natural products, we designed something new for your hair to lean on 

LATHER Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar

Made with only the good stuff 

Powered by nature, our mild, sulfate-free Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar is compact, convenient and portable in size, but massive in nutrients. With a highly concentrated formula, this little block is made with only the good stuff. 

Using zero harsh soap, we turned instead to a gentle coconut oil-derived cleansing agent to produce the ultimate lush and creamy lather that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils or cause color-treated hair to fade

With high levels of oleic fatty acid, rich avocado oil conditions the hair and scalp. Shea butter esters breathe life into your hair, giving it silky texture and an enviable shine. Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil seals the deal, locking in moisture for a long lasting, airy bounceFor added protection, we added panthenol (provitamin B5), a humectant which helps hair further retain moisture and strengthen strands.  

Invigorating peppermint and tea tree oils team up with refreshing aloe vera to stimulate, protect and purify the scalp - truly making this bar a comprehensive hair treatment.  

LATHER Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar


Here’s what you won’t get... 

For premium benefits on your hair and our Earth, whave said NO to harmful ingredients and materials. Take a look.  

The NO List:  

  • NO synthetic fragrance 
  • NO artificial color  
  • NO sulfates 
  • NO parabens  
  • NO mineral oil  
  • NO harsh soap 
  • NO silicones 
  • NO plastic bottle 

While this mint-hued bar is packed with the very best ingredients, it doesn’t come without nature’s natural panache. Lay it on our Natural Wood Soap Dish, designed for easy water drainage, and elevate the look of your shower  

LATHER Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar

How to use our Shampoo Bar 

So how do you use this gem? It’s actually quite simple.  

  1. Wet your hair, hands and shampoo bar with warm water 
  2. Work up a foamy lather in your hands 
  3. Massage through your wet hair and onto your scalp 
  4. Rinse well and follow up with our Avocado Mint Hair Repair 
  5. Let your hair air dry or style to your preference 
  6. Take a moment (or two) to stop and stare at your hair  

              Elevate your hair care 

              Level-up your natural hair care with this nourishing block of hair-loving ingredients. This sudsy, vegan shampoo bar comes in a 2-pack.