Who We Are

LATHER offers daily natural skincare and wellness that help you feel real.

We are problem solvers

We solve everyday problems: dry knuckles, brittle hair, sore muscles and the like. But we aren’t here to do just that. We have been taking on larger problems for more than 20 years. For example, why isn’t ingredient transparency mandated? Why are unhealthy ingredients allowed to be hidden from customers? Why are natural and wellness-based beauty products overwhelmingly marketed towards wealthy Caucasian women? These are just a few of the larger issues we are committed to solving.

We are explorers

Doing things differently is in our DNA. Nothing makes us more excited than exploring unique ways to make and experience our products. Every day, we search for new ingredients, new partnerships and new ways to benefit our customers. Whether it’s innovation in environmental packaging or establishing new supply chains to benefit underserved communities, we are driven to discover and create.

We are truth tellers

We believe in telling the truth. We disclose every ingredient that is in our products and vow to tell you what our products can and cannot do. We are committed to selling our products at a fair price, and we never intend to sell you something you don’t need. 

We are caretakers

All day, every day, our absolute mission is to offer products that will help you experience the most beautiful, happy, healthy version of you. We value being brought into your home and making up a small part of your day. We know this wouldn't be possible without our long-lasting relationships with our employees, vendors and communities – connections we have nurtured from day one.